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We are currently recruiting a PIP2 Investigator based in Kidlington. 37 hours per week.

Job role:
Manage and progress the investigation of criminal offences and other incidents/enquiries working as an integral part of a mixed economy team of Police Officers and staff; complete investigative actions, prepare case papers ensuring file completeness/delivery in accordance with Court deadlines, legislation and Force policy and maintain victim and witness confidence to facilitate successful outcomes.

1. Plan, co-ordinate and undertake investigations as tasked, utilising all available appropriate techniques and technologies to detect and reduce crime thereby bringing offenders to justice. Support the wider investigative team as and when required by providing resilience, supporting fast time investigations where appropriate. Ensure investigative actions are recorded and maintained via NICHE to ensure accuracy, scrutiny, timely completion and adherence to the Victims Code.
2. Plan and conduct the interviewing of suspects and witnesses to identify further investigative opportunities and obtain best evidence.
3. Prioritise, analyse & interpret Intelligence/evidence on scene, using appropriate forensic techniques to optimise intelligence/detection opportunities. Seize exhibits when required, ensuring they are handled according to current guidelines and policy. Ensure prompt and accurate recording and storage of intelligence to maintain continuity and evidential integrity
4. Deliver a victim-centred service by visiting, assessing and supporting victims to ensure investigations are concluded promptly in line with the Victims Code. Ensure support is available to victims throughout the investigation and prosecution process. Prioritise investigations and manage a caseload, maintaining prompt and accurate records of actions within the OEL on NICHE providing an audit trail and evidencing full compliance with the victim codes and witness charter.
5. Create prosecution files ensuring that they are evidentially sound, compliant with current Better Case Management Guidelines and submitted to File Upgrade Room/CPS within required timescales. Promote high quality handover packs, investigations and file quality by providing feedback to supervisors and colleagues, striving to continually improve case file management.
6. Ensure the timely processing of all digital evidence (e.g. mobile devices, CCTV) and that it is of a sufficient standard for court. Comply with the Criminal Procedure & Investigations Act when conducting investigations in order to ensure disclosure requirements are met.
7. Attend all court hearings as required to give evidence, ensure welfare of victim and witnesses, availability of evidence and exhibits and to support the prosecution team.
8. Be alert to safeguarding issues during interactions with any member of the public. Make referrals where appropriate to the MASH and escalate any concerns if urgent action is required. Keep up to date with all vulnerability training.

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